Cleaning and Sealing

There’s more to cleaning and sealing your concrete surfaces than simply turning on a power washer. Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete cleans and seals the right way.

What Cutting Edge offers goes far beyond what others can offer. Because the team understands the science of concrete, how it responds to the environment and different chemicals, they know how to maintain it better than anyone.

Clean, Seal and Repair

Within the micro-pores of your concrete surfaces, things like dirt, oil, airborne debris, road salt, automotive chemicals and other contaminants live. If not removed properly, they can contribute to a significantly shorter concrete lifespan. 

The Cutting Edge cleaning and sealing process starts with an in-person inspection of your concrete surfaces. Then, the age of the concrete, its condition, the finish and any prior sealers used are all assessed.

The pros at Cutting Edge look for concerns like cracks, chips or spalling and discuss those issues with the homeowner to determine the best course of action. Because Cutting Edge specializes in all things concrete, repairs can be handled prior to cleaning and sealing.

Pro-Level Products

The professional-grade products Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete uses are not the same kind you can buy at the store—or the same kind the other guys use.

Only the highest quality sealer is used.

Cutting Edge promises you’ll get three or more years out of its sealer application, so your investment in cleaning and sealing with a professional company that specializes in concrete can really pay off.

Our Cleaning and Sealing Portfolio