You’re a designer who understands that color and creativity go hand in hand. You’re a homeowner who wants to take a project to the next level. You’re the person who wants to create something unique, something custom and something amazing. Metallika takes you there.

Our premium Metalika coating is available in a virtually limitless range of colors that can be combined to create designs that demand to be admired. With finish options in flat, semi-gloss and high-gloss, and traction control tailored to your unique needs, you control the aesthetics and the performance. 

Once installed, you’ll enjoy a seamless floor that’s 100% protected. Easy-to-clean with virtually no maintenance, Metalika replaces concrete acids and dyes with a longer lasting finish that delivers the same high-end look.

With the widest range of creative options, more than any other concrete coating option, Metalika is synonymous with awe-inspiring.

See all color options in our showroom, or check out the PDF below.