How to fix winter garage floor damage

March 27, 2017

How to fix winter garage floor damage

By Greg Mata
Owner, Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete

Now that Northeast Ohio has finally seen the last of freezing temperatures, snow and ice, it’s time to take a good look at the damage winter may have left behind on your garage floor.

Courtesy of your vehicle, salt and other chemicals applied to streets and roads likely made their way onto the floor of your garage, seeping into the pores of the bare concrete where it froze and refroze, creating chips on the surface known as spalling.

You might also notice ugly white stains on your garage floor. This staining, known as subflorescence, is the result of the salty ice once attached to the bottom of your vehicle dropping to the floor where it melted then evaporated, leaving behind salt crystals in the pores of your concrete.

Here are some simple steps you can take right now to stop that salt residue from wreaking further havoc.

1) Clean your entire garage floor to expose any salt staining or damage. Next, you’ll want to remove the salt stains to prevent further spalling.

2) Mix a solution of one gallon of warm water with one cup of vinegar and a squirt of dish soap. Pour the mixture onto the stains and scrub with a stiff brush. Use a mop or wet vac to remove the water so it’s not redistributed back into the pores of your concrete. Rinse the floor well with water.

It’s important to note that pressure washers are not the best idea for removing salt stains as they have a tendency to push the salty solution deeper into the concrete instead of blasting it away.

You can try to patch any pitting or spalling with polymer modified cement or call in a professional to do the repairs for you.

To keep your garage floor looking beautiful throughout the year—even in the winter—consider having an epoxy floor coating applied to the surface. Our premium coatings prevent dirt, oil, grease and road salt from penetrating your concrete and can even mask any damage from spalling or pitting.

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